Friday, November 2, 2007

CET-2009 Common Engineering Entrance Test Examination

CET-2009 Common Engineering Entrance Test Examination

FREE Download Maths & Science Software for CET Engineering Entrance Exam Preparation

File Name: GeniusMakerFree.exe
File Size: 3.5 MB approx
Number of Softwares: 31

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This software is useful for students preparing for Engineering Entrance Exams in India.

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Currently this software is extensively used by students in India, who are preparing for Engineering Entrance exams in 2009 and 2010.
This software provides 31 educational software in one pack.
The following are the list of education science software in this pack.


Graph Plotter The Graph plotting software
Progressions Arithmetic and Geometric progressions
Triangle Solver Triangle solving software
Equation Solver Solving any mathematical equation
Curve Fitting Polynomial Curve fitting
Analytical Geometry To draw Circles & Lines
Prime Numbers To search and check for Prime numbers
Polynomial Formation Form Polynomial equations from roots
Roots of Polynomial Find roots of polynomial equations
Complex Algebra To do algebra of complex numbers
Matrix Algebra Matrix algebra manipulations
Determinant Finding determinant
Number System Calculator for all number systems
Geometry Solver 2D and 3D Geometry solving software
Polynomial expansion Expansion coefficients for polynomials
Permutation Combination Solving Permutation Combination


Unit Converter Converting units
Linear Motion Solving for linear motion
Motion Under Gravity Gravitational vertical motion solver
Projectile Motion Simulate 2D projectile motion of objects
Refraction of Rays Refraction of Rays software
Lens & Mirrors Optics solving software
Doppler Effect Doppler sound effect simulation
Electrical Resistance Resistance circuits
Transverse Waves Visualize Transverse waves
Longitudinal Waves Visualize Longitudinal waves
Radioactive Decay Visualize radioactive decay rate


Periodic Table All elements of Periodic table
Gas Laws Simulation of universal gas laws
pH Value Details of pH value spectrum
Molecular Weight Estimation of Molecular masses